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Haiti, a Caribbean island nation of over 10 million people, was once described as the pearl of the Caribbean. Despite being only second to India for having the largest NGO force per capita in the world, Haiti today remains in a delicate situation. While the global community searches for a political, social or economic solution we believe the true hope for Haiti will begin with spiritual transformation. At this moment in history the evangelical church in Haiti has grown to an estimated of 30% of the population. This is the moment for the ecclesia (church) to ARISE in Haiti to transform every sphere of society and culture and restore the pearl.

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About Us

James and Rachael Courter with their children Gabriel, Elisha, Grace, Nehemiah and Shekinah are Assemblies of God missionaries serving in the nation of Haiti. They are the first missionaries from the Assemblies of God to reside in Haiti’s southern coastal region.

They founded ARISE HAITI in 2009 on the shores of Gelee Beach just outside of Les Cayes, Haiti’s third largest city. The heart of the Courter family is to witness the nation of Haiti transformed by the power of the Gospel. Arise Haiti exists to equip leaders and send missionaries into the interior of Haiti and to the ends of the earth.

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Arise Haiti

To witness the body of Christ in Haiti ARISE, walking in their Kingdom identity, reclaiming the nation for the glory of the LORD..

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