Description of Days/Activities

Preaching opportunities

Preaching with translator in multiple settings, must have preaching/teaching experience. Must consider context/audience, must avoid preaching down to Haitians.

Junior Bible Quiz Tournament

Teams of 4 children gather at the Transformation Center for a quarterly tournament to test Bible Memorization Skill. Visiting team involvement is to assist with logistics as needed and be a fan/encourager.
Love on kids!

First things first

Prayer is central to the success of missions. We devote an entire day to praying in strategic locations, avoiding being mechanical, but “stopping for the one” as the Lord directs. You will be provided with a prayer guideline. We will also have pre-prayer time to ask the Lord for words of knowledge and wisdom as we open ourselves to divine appointments. Expect the Supernatural!


Serving in word and deed, these opportunities are matched to a visiting teams specific skill set. The most important aspect is not the production, but the spirit of the service. Serve with love overflowing…. Your act of service can transform a heart!

Serving in the Arise Healing Center

Depending on your skill level, you may be asked to serve a variety of ways in the Arise Healing Center. More
skilled/qualified practitioners will be directly involved with patient assessment with oversight from the director of the Arise Healing Center. Translators will be available for those who need extensive dialogue with patients. Others will serve in the intake area, (vitals, heights, weights, measurements, arm
circumference as needed) pharmacy area (medication preps.) and the labor and delivery area (general assistance). The goal is to create an atmosphere of unity and a spirit of worship in the Healing Center that is optimal for divine and natural healing.

Construction/Community Projects

Variety of projects this year that include construction of the Arise Vicky Stommel Memorial Feeding Center, Centre de Vie Church Plant, church/school benches, shelving, painting, cleaning, community clean-ups, house fixes, etc. This will include working with cement, block, wood, paint, stain, minor electrical, plumbing, as appropriate. Construction projects are also based on project funds available or raised by the visiting team.

Healing Rooms Prayer Time

Praying for the sick, an open time of worship and prayer for those who are sick in the community. Visiting teams will be asked to lay on hands on the sick and pray and expect healing.

Feeding Center Times

A time of feeding the Unveiled Sponsorship children in addition to others in the area who suffer from malnourishment. Vitamin distribution, weights and measurements are taken at this time. Visiting teams engage in the feeding set-up, distribution, weights and measurements and loving
on kids. Teams are encouraged to bring 2500 Children’s general vitamins.

Worship Service- In Every Language

A corporate worship service in English, Creole, French and whatever other languages where we invite the Glory of the Lord to invade the earth. Spontaneous words and praying for the sick is encouraged.

Water Filtration Community Set-up or Follow-up

The Arise Team has a clean water initiative in the communities we serve with the Assemblies of God Haiti. We
dispense the Sawyer Point-1 Filter System for household water filtration. Visiting teams may engage in the dispensing of water filtration systems or re-checking the household system. A primary objective is always meeting the felt need while looking for divine opportunities.

Kidz Kapab Club

A weekly Kid’s Club that gathers each Friday at the Transformation Center to worship and apply God’s Word to their lives. Over 350 kids ages 4-16 gather each week. Visiting teams may engage in the lesson, a special song, skit and praying with children. The Unveiled sponsored children are a part of this group.

Prayer/Worship/Reflection times

The Arise Haiti team places a strong emphasis on seeking the presence of God corporately and privately. We are convinced “we can’t give what we don’t have.” Our strength to minister effectively with the full power of the Gospel comes from times with the Father. It is our desire to be directed by the Father. In our corporate times we will be refreshed, unified and empowered for what unfolds during the day. Most sharing is spontaneous and Spirit led, although we may ask team members prepare a devotion at times.


As you exit the airplane you will proceed through a hallway and down a hallway to immigration. After passing through customs you will proceed to an elevator arriving baggage claim. Please have your green immigration form you filled out on the plane and your passport ready. When completing your customs form indicate the following address/information as where you will be staying in Haiti

64 Gelee Beach Rte, Les Cayes, Haiti
Phone number 509-3-8460200

Check that you are here for recreation/vacation. Customs is typically a very simple process. BE SURE TO COMPLELETELY FILL OUT YOUR GREEN IMMIGRATION CARDS AND KEEP THE STUB OF THE CARD GIVEN TO YOU, YOU WILL NEED THIS TO EXIT THE COUNTRY.

If needed, there will be luggage carts for rent near baggage claim for $2 U.S. each. You will pay the
clerk and receive a receipt to claim a cart.

You should be expecting to be approached by anxious men usually wearing a red had asking to assist you with the process. This person will help you through the exiting process. If desired, choose one and appoint him as the team leader or “boss” in Haitian terms. You agree to pay him the tip, he splits with anyone else that joins his team to help. (About $2-3 U.S. per bag, negotiable)

Before approaching the customs desk presenting your customs (white) form, please have your luggage tag claim tickets ready as someone typically will check those before you exit. After you exit, one of the Arise Haiti staff will meet you with an ARISE HAITI sign. They may speak limited English, but they do understand “thank-you”, please thank them for their service.

The team luggage will be loaded on the AG field vehicle. The team will load on a smaller van for the drive. After the luggage is loaded and the team is loaded the team leader can pay the boss in a one on one transaction. Please bring water, drinks and snacks. The drive time is usually between 4 and 4 ½ hours. We look forward to seeing you at Arise Haiti.

Bon Voyage!


All teams must register with Assemblies of God World Missions and purchase insurance.  Please contact Chrystina Farthing @

Internship Guidelines/Application

Dear Arise Summer Intern Applicant:
We’re excited to hear of your interest in the Arise Summer Intern Experience hosted by Arise Haiti in Les Cayes, Haiti. God is doing some transformational things in southern Haiti as we reach out in His power and authority.

The goal of our summer intern experience program is to connect your heart for missions with an experience that will shape your future for a lifetime. This is a great way to get your feet wet in missions as you spend your summer doing something that will make an eternal difference.

The cost of the internship is $750/per month which includes your ground translation, food staples, housing, utilities, ministry fees, translation as well as transportation for some “R and R” days.

If you are interested in our internship experience, please fill out the Arise Intern Experience initial questions and start the application process on Follow the guidelines outlined at for a MAPS worker.

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, so consider joining us and helping fulfill His Great Commission! If you have questions about the internship, please feel free to e-mail us at
For the Transformation of a Nation
James and Rachael Courter

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